Leeza's Fine Fabrics

  Exquisite fabrics for esxquisite taste!

About Us

Why Us?

We are passionate about textiles and our focus is to provide luxurious fabrics at fair prices.

We offer quality fabrics which are not always readily available in many areas, rural or urban.

Our experience in textiles and apparel construction/design allows us to help you choose the right fabric for your project.

Why use our fabrics?

We offer NATURAL FIBERS  because they are:
   -easier to work with and shape
   -a pleasure to wear
   -biodegradable and renewable

We offer DESIGNER FABRICS because they are:
   -of high quality and from proven mills around the world...those you may see in fashion magazines
   -made from quality fibers which provide better resilience and increased comfort

We offer SPECIALTY TEXTILES because they:
   -utilize advanced construction techniques
   -are constructed using complex yarns and complex weaves which equal amazing fabrics